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Times are changing for

posted Mar 5, 2014, 11:35 AM by Lee Forest   [ updated Mar 5, 2014, 11:36 AM ]
Not that it hasn't been a fun little ride, with BFH and the Rcon development some of you may have heard about, but times change. To be honest I think BFH is getting a little lopsided with with pay2win items and the software quality of their servers continues to provide a wealth of escalating server crashes. Not to mention there's no public plugin development API for the game in the first place. As a programmer the most fun I got to have was creating administrative tools that use Rcon services. Even that was dead-end considering the future of the game and the quality of existing tools available. Lately I've been wandering around and looking for something more meaningful to do with my development skills. Some of you may have heard of the game 'Garry's Mod'. Its quite popular on Steam. The developer (Garry) is working on a new alpha game 'Rust' that I find has a lot of potential, has a great open source Oxide mod that allows plugin development, and the game has native support for mainstream Linux distributions (like Manjaro, Arch, Debian, etc). The Linux support is a big plus for me. I've been a fan for over 12 years. The day is finally upon me that I can say I want to build plugins for a great game that supports Linux. So perhaps my wandering is coming to a new place to settle down for a while.

The only catch to making this whole change is that I would be switching my primary OS to full-time Manjaro (unless a stable SteamOS is released). In doing so would mean that I can no longer play Battlefield Heroes or run the fancy Rcon tools like Xtianrcon because they don't support Linux. Of course this doesn't mean the game server has to die. We have interested players who are contributing funds to help ensure the server is paid for & stays online. I may even have a Linux-friendly solution to replace some of the favorite features players came to love about I am juggling the Rust development startup with the BFH server changes right now, but I'm set on making it all work out and will be doing what I can to get certain features back in place as soon as possible. But otherwise those of you that enjoyed having shootouts with me may have to find your way over to Steam in the future. I may come back and play again, but  the goal is never to have to use Windows again. There's so many reasons I dread using it despite all the reasons I would love to keep using it, but that's a story for another time. For now I just want to say thank you to everyone for their patronage. We appreciate the support. Hopefully in the future can mean greater things for our community and the world of open source software.