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Xtianrcon has been shutdown.

posted Dec 17, 2013, 1:36 PM by Lee Forest
Its the one thing I didn't want to turn off because I know it does so much for our BFH server. But Xtianrcon is now off. Of course its not all bad. There is still a server side addon that provides some basic in-game administration. That being ModManager In-Game Admin. I'm still in the process of configuring it. Soon we'll get some 'admins' added. That should provide some basic commands for admins to kick/warn/ban/etc. I'll try to put up some documentation soon showing what the basic commands are and how to use them. Sorry for any inconvenience all of this is. In the future we may see a return of Xtianrcon but for now it will lie dormant awaiting its day.